About DMC

daveDMC Feral Vermin Control Services is managed by Dave Cundy. Dave has over 30 years experience in vertebrate pest control and is fully licensed and insured.

Allowing unlicensed, uninsured and inexperienced people to remove your pests is not worth the risk to your property, pets and livestock, not to mention the legal consequences. Professionals can get the job done in half the time, with minimal to no interference to your property. We are happy to travel throughout Australia, or even beyond.

Control methods

We use a variety of control methods depending on the pest and environmental circumstances. Methods and devices used such as night vision, spotlighting, day/night patrol, surveillance, shooting, baiting, trapping and fumigating. Follow up procedures may be required on occasion.

Each pest and each job is unique and therefore different methods will need to be used depending on the problem.


Experience has led us to determine that in the majority of circumstances the most effective and humane way to control most vertebrate pest animals is by shooting. We have various calibres of rifles to suit the smallest to the largest animals.

We have a variety of night vision and surveillance equipment. We find spotlighting at night is very effective as many animals, such as cats and foxes, are more active than in the daylight.


Trap and release may be used in some situations, when required. Where possible we avoid this method as trapping causes unnecessary stress to the animal.


We can use various baits depending on the situation, but prefer not to as it will affect livestock and native animals and affects the entire food chain in the surrounding areas.

Hunting Dogs

We have worked with hunting dogs over the past 30 years and find they provide valuable support in selected situations.


We can arrange appropriate disposal of all pest animals destroyed on your property.