• About DMC

    DMC Feral Vermin Control Services is managed by Dave Cundy. Dave has over 30 years experience in vertebrate pest control and is fully licensed and insured. We use a range of control methods including shooting, baiting and trapping and will design an individually tailored control program to suit your property.



Managing feral goats is necessary to protect our agricultural industries and for wildlife conservation. Feral goats contribute to overgrazing, which results in soil erosion and other land degradation. Australia around 2 million feral goats.



Rabbits compete with domestic livestock and alter pasture composition by selective grazing. Ten rabbits can eat the equivalent of one sheep, and, during drought periods, rabbits can totally strip a landscape bare leaving no food for sheep, cattle or native animals.



Serious economic damage results from foxes preying on farm livestock. Their diet is made up of livestock, wildlife and pests such as rabbits. Foxes are opportunistic and will feed on any animal at its disposal. Read more…